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Gas Gas TXT Pro 125 2013

Gas Gas TXT Pro 125cc 2013 RacingThis bike has had very, very light use.When I purchased it last autumn it was totally perfect, just like it had come out of the showroom.I have used it regularly but I am a 58 year old novice rider I weigh 68 Kg. I ride very carefully! The bike is completely standard, apart from some fitted extras. These were all fitted by me, as I say it had not been used.• Exhaust guard ( not covering dents)• Kill switch• Bar ends• Bar pad• Mud guard on front of engine• Jitsie mixture screwThe tyres, chain and sprocket are original. The tyres are fine for the riding I do but most would be temped to change at least the rear fairly soon. The chain and sprocket look unworn.Yes it has been over rocks......very very small one! I do not no how to dump the clutch so I ride on the throttle, very gently! It has never been ridden by anyone who knows how to wind it up and throw it at rock steps. I took the pictures this week and it shows the bike well.