Surrey Schoolboy Trials Club


Christmas Trial 2021

New Trial Entry System Important Changes Please Read

As a club we have had to make a few changes to how we enter trials. We will now be
using a website called Eventbrite to enter trials, this procedure is similar to the ACU
online entry.
There will be a link posted on the website/Facebook/Instagram and all you need to
do is click on it and it will take you directly to the page. Simply fill in all the required
fields and your entry will be confirmed immediately. This means that the whole
procedure will be paperless and more efficient.
The cost for riding a trial is going to increase from £10 to £12, which is a relatively
small increase, most youth trials are £15 as a comparison. The club have charged
£10 for many years, so we hope that you will be understanding in this change.
The club is run by volunteers, who all work and have families, this new method will
reduce the workload for all involved in running the club. With the current situation
due to COVID-19 we have had to change the way we run the club and moving
forward, we believe that this is a positive move. SSTC will run this for trial period to
see how it works; please bear with us as there maybe few teething problems at the
I will be available for any questions at Betchworth tomorrow or email

Here is the link to enter Round 3 of Mack Logistics Championship on 19th September 2020