Surrey Schoolboy Trials Club


Charity Trial Raffle

Force Demolition & Groundwork’s Ltd Championship Round 4 at Round Rocket will be a charity trial for Forward Facing.We are going to do a raffle to raise funds, if you have any donations for us to raffle we would be very grateful, they do not have to be motorcycle related!!
Please let Laura Johnson know if you’re able to help 07368 478330 or know if you’re able to help - thank you in advance


Observers are an integral part of trials, without them, trials would not be able to run. As a thank you to our observers, SSTC will pay for your entry after you have observed for 3 trials! You also receive a goody bag with treats and a hot cuppa will be delivered to your section during the trial. If you are new to observing, speak with the secretary of the meeting and they will buddy you up so you can learn the ropes before you go it alone!