Surrey Schoolboy Trials Club


2019 National Trials Fixtures             SE Centre Dates

All SSTC Trials Scheduled

Date Venue Map Trial Time Regs Results
4th January 2020Frys CrossMap  Round 1 Apollo Academy Championship13:00 Results
18th January 2020Trumps MillMap  Round 1 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
25th January 2020Round Rocket PlantationMap  Training for Novice, Inter & Experts09:30  
1st February 2020BrackendeneMap  Round 2 Apollo Academy Championship13:00 Results
15th February 2020Trumps MillMap  Round 2 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
7th March 2020Trumps MillMap  Round 3 Apollo Academy Championship13:00 Results
21st March 2020Mountain Wood FarmMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 3 Mack Logistics Championship13:00  
4th April 2020BrackendeneMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 4 Apollo Academy Championship13:00  
18th April 2020Round Rocket PlantationMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 4 Mack Logistics Championship13:00  
2nd May 2020Trumps MillMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 5 Apollo Academy Championship13:00  
16th May 2020FaygateMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 5 Mack Logistics Championship13:00  
6th June 2020BrackendeneMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 6 Apollo Academy Championship13:00  
20th June 2020Frensham ValeMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 6 Mack Logistics Championship13:00  
4th July 2020Frys CrossMap  Practice Trial11:30Regs 
18th July 2020Frensham ValeMap  Practice Trial11:30Regs 
19th July 2020Sethern, DunsfoldMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Camping Weekend Fun Trial13:00Regs 
1st August 2020Todds FarmMap  Practice Trial11:30Regs 
22nd August 2020TBC  Practice Trial11:30Regs 
5th September 2020The Old Quarry Betchworth Map NOW FULL AND WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ANYMORE ENTRIES Apollo Academy Championship Round 413:00 Results
19th September 2020Sethern, DunsfoldMap  Round 3 Mack Logistics Championship 13:00 Results
19th September 2020Sethern, DunsfoldMap  Sethern Adults 13:00Regs 
26th September 2020Mountain Wood FarmMap  Southern Youth Shield10:30 Results
3rd October 2020Todds FarmMap  Round 5 Apollo Academy Championship13:00 Results
17th October 2020Dews FarmMap  Round 4 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
1st November 2020Sethern, DunsfoldMap NOW FULL AND WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT ANYMORE ENTRIES Len Hutty Memorial Trial10:00 Results
21st November 2020TBC  Round 4 Car-D-Lock Championship13:00  
5th December 2020Trumps MillMap  Round 6 Apollo Academy Championship12:00Regs 
19th December 2020Hook WoodsMap Cancelled due to COVID-19 Round 5 Mack Logistics Championship11:00