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Surrey School Boys – Report – 3rd September 2016

Surrey School Boys – Report – 3rd September 2016

After the summer break, Surrey School Boys Trails Club returned to Trumps Mill for Round 2 of The Trade Tyres Championship.

New boys Brandon Wilson and Henry Deacon made a great start in the all new Green Route,  Sections catering for 1st timers and electric bikes.

Jake Bush showed great potential in the beginners class taking the top spot.

Holly Boys-Guest was alone in the Novice Class.

Novice 50/50 saw Reece Talbot clear from the field in 1st, with Max Wiggins and Toby Hewett placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Intermediate Class – Aaron Boys-Guest had a consitant ride with no 5’s to claim honours. He was followed by ever the improving Jazz Hammond and Ollie Brimecombe.

Tom Frearson battled on alone in the Inter/Expert Class.

Jack Freason claimed his seemingly usual victory in the Expert Class, with Josh Talbot and Brett Harbud 2nd and 3rd.


Green Route – Brandon Wilson 16, Henry Deacon 91.

Beginner – Jake Bush 11, Danny Embury 21.

Novice – Holly Boys-Guest 22.

Novice 50/50 – Reece Talbot 44, Max Wiggins 62, Toby Hewett 74, Cameron Ferris 90, Max Agar95.

Intermediate – Aaron Boys-Guest 15, Jazz Hammond 24, Ollie Brimecombe 28, Lewis Reed 33, Mogan McKenna 67, Jonathon Bathe 131.

Inter / Expert – Tom Frearson 18.

Expert – Jack Freason 25, Josh Talbot 43, Brett Harbud 62, George Lawrence 76.

 As always, thanks to all those who made it possible . 

News article posted 3rd September 2016