Surrey Schoolboy Trials Club


2018 National Trials Fixtures             SE Centre Dates

All SSTC Trials Scheduled

Date Venue Map Trial Time Regs Results
6th January 2018Trumps MillMap  Round 1 Crest Nicholson Regeneration Championship13:00 Results
12th January 2018Effingham Rugby ClubMap  Presentation Evening19:30  
20th January 20181st Gear Trials CentreMap  Round 1 Mack Logistics Championship 13:00 Results
3rd February 2018BrackendeneMap  Round 2 Crest Nicholson Regeneration Championship13:00 Results
17th February 2018The Old Quarry Betchworth Map  Round 2 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
3rd March 2018Trumps MillMap  Round 3 Crest Nicholson Regeneration Championship13:00Regs 
17th March 2018Mountain Wood FarmMap  Round 3 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
7th April 2018BrackendeneMap  Round 4 Crest Nicholson Regeneration Championship13:00 Results
8th April 2018Sethern, DunsfoldMap  Arthur's Charity Trial10:30Regs 
21st April 2018Frys CrossMap  Round 4 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
5th May 2018Trumps MillMap  Round 5 Crest Nicholson Regeneration Championship13:00 Results
19th May 2018Round Rocket PlantationMap  Round 5 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
2nd June 2018BrackendeneMap  Round 6 Crest Nicholson Regeneration Championship13:00 Results
16th June 2018Todds FarmMap  Round 6 Mack Logistics Championship13:00 Results
30th June 2018Trumps MillMap  Round 1 Trade Tyres Guildford Championship13:00Regs 
14th July 2018Sethern, DunsfoldMap  Round 1 Degrees Of Comfort Championship13:00Regs 
15th July 2018Sethern, DunsfoldMap  Camping Weekend Fun Trial13:00Regs 
1st September 2018BrackendeneMap  Round 2 Trade Tyres Guildford Championship13:00Regs 
15th September 2018FaygateMap  Round 2 Degrees Of Comfort Championship13:00Regs 
6th October 2018Trumps MillMap  Round 3 Trade Tyres Guildford Championship13:00Regs 
20th October 2018Dews FarmMap  Round 3 Degrees Of Comfort Championship13:00Regs 
4th November 2018Hungry HillMap  Round 4 Degrees Of Comfort Championship - Len Hutty Trial10:00Regs 
17th November 2018BrackendeneMap  Round 4 Trade Tyres Guildford Championship13:00Regs 
1st December 2018Trumps MillMap  Round 5 Trade Tyres Guildford Championship13:00Regs 
15th December 2018Hook WoodsMap  Round 5 Degrees Of Comfort Championship13:00Regs